Tailored logistics solutions

We focus on serving customers with global sourcing and supply-chain-management needs; through creating values and innovative end-to-end international logistics services. We also develop and deploy practical transportation, warehousing and distribution services in Eastern Africa covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Somalia.

Freight Forwarding

We have taken time to understand the needs of our importing customers and through years of engagement with overseas partners, through our network of agents spread over 120 countries we are able to collect and deliver your cargo to any destination worldwide and at the most competitive rates. In conjunction with our global partners we take responsibility of your goods from your door to your overseas customer’s door and we manage the delivery of your products to wherever they are destined. We can manage complex customs and border issues into your overseas markets; we prepare comprehensive regulatory documentation, and provide you with comprehensive updates along the way.

We provide an extensive Schedule of regular, pre-scheduled Air Freight and Ocean Freight services to all major trading markets. Our approach is to provide tailored solutions that are built around your specific needs. Contact us for more information about how we can assist your business achieve supply-chain improvements..

Customs Clearance

With the help of our experienced team of staff and good relationship with stake holders, we handle all type of Customs clearance at the ports of entry and exit within the provided grace period. These include clearance of goods under, home use, Temporally import, Prior release for time sensitive, Transit and transshipment, AOG, bonded goods, etc. We have a dedicated Customer Service team who send out progressive clearance update to customers making it easy for customers to concentrate on their core of business without getting involved in the clearance process.

Project Logistics & Transit Cargo

We have developed capacity to handle out of gauge project cargo in East Africa. We have also developed capacity and experience in managing complex rigging installations for heavy equipment. This enables our customers enjoy end-to-end solutions even for complex jobs

AOG Logistics

The team at Logistics Link has a combined experience of 45 years managing AOG logistics for the busiest airline in this region. We have used this experience to design a robust clearing, forwarding and document perfection system that will ensure airlines in the region enjoy a professional service that points at the immediate spare part customer that engineer at the hangar! We know what this means to aircraft availability, airline network schedules and planning, and ultimately on-time performance which touches on your ultimate customer.


This is our latest addition to the suite of services. We offer consolidated service packages like LCL, FCL, stuffing and sailing – that support cargo consolidation. We actively liaise with shipping lines, port agents, local carriers and others for movement of your shipments and taking on the responsibility of safe and time-bound deliveries as well as issuing bills of lading. We arrange consolidation service for small uncontainerised cargo where customer is unable to fill a contain or may have small order and feel airfreight is expensive from various origins in the world with scheduled sailing operators and competitive cost which saves manufactures cost of end product. Our collection hubs are strategically located in the main ports of the most exporting Countries which make it easier to fill the dedicated box and sail per the sailing schedule.

Packaging and Removals

Logistics Link Packaging & Removals service is designed to remove the hassle and stress of office and home relocation. We are aware that historically most businesses in Nairobi hired ask-for-transport operators, rounded up their subordinate staff over some weekend and bundled precious office belongings to a new location.

This process is not only chaotic as office staff take it as part-time (overtime?) and have no specific experience in this exercise and overall, lack project management skills required to deliver painless relocation. At Logistics Link we understand the critical need for on-time scheduling to ensure minimal disruption of your core business during office relocation. We provide planning, advice, resources and partner services to tackle the most demanding commercial and office removals.

We understand that your business is about making money and so if you are grounded during relocation then your shareholders will be looking at stretching your time and effort to make up for lost profits. We compliment your desire to move on with business by delivering a fast, convenient, flexible and cost-effective office relocation service. Same to your home relocation; kindly call us!


Why would you invest in storage space, warehousing staff and associated costs of licensing, staff, equipment, utilities etc? Chances are that these investments are a headache; you are happier spending time selling products or solutions to your customers.

Our 15,000Sq foot warehouse strategically located at Bellway Business park, along Mombasa road highway with close proximity to JKIA-airport, Inland Container Depot – ICD and the city’s major gateways in order to speed your cycle time, reduce operating costs and improve delivery to your customers. We supplement this service with our distribution vans/trucks to ensure your goods get to their destination on-call. We offer a competitively priced, secure and professionally managed warehousing service with ERP system to manage stock.

Trucking & Commercial Distribution

Our transport department deploys heavy commercial trucks to deliver cargo across Eastern Africa. To support heavy commercial trucking we have lighter trucks to offer clients so as to eliminate high costs of owning fleet (and staff) for commercial deliveries. We provide customized pick and delivery services for manufacturers, IT industry, telecommunications players and general traders.